Cabinet custom
built to spec
4,190 watt UVC
bulbs minimum
shut off sensors
Locking casters
for easy transport

On-the-go disinfection for handheld devices

The Disinfection Cabinet

Disinfect everyday items with the power of UV-C in minutes

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The Disinfection Cabinet

Looking for UV-C disinfection on-the-go? This cabinet quickly and safely disinfects up to 30 devices, like tablets or phones, in just a few minutes. Perfect for schools, universities, and office settings (disinfect devices between classes or during a lunch break). And don’t worry, UV-C light provides powerful disinfection capabilities without fear of damaging displays or electronics. This cabinet is available with or without device charging capability. Additionally, built-in safety measures prevent any possible exposure to UV-C light while the system is in use.

Disinfection at the speed of life

Quick, easy, on-the-go

Disinfect up to 30, handheld devices in minutes

Automated safety controls

Built-in sensors and cameras to ensure safety shut-off

No damage to devices

UV-C light disinfects without damaging electronics

Chemical free

No storage or handling of toxic or corrosive chemicals

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Don’t leave disinfection up to chance, choose SST

Why UV-C?

UV-C is a naturally effective disinfectant generated by the power of the sun. In fact, it’s been a trusted source of disinfection in hospitals for decades. And while harsh cleaning chemicals and manual labor get the job done, they require time, manpower, and no guarantee of thorough disinfection.

UV-C, on the other hand, disinfects anything it comes in contact with, whether in the air or on surfaces. Say goodbye to labor intensive cleaning methods. Instead, create a safer environment with a disinfection solution you can trust.

Industries served

Schools & Universities

Classrooms, shared devices, cafeterias, LGI, restrooms and athletic facilities

Retail Spaces

High traffic areas, checkout lines, aisles, backrooms, and large open spaces

Commercial Properties

High traffic areas, lobbies, public restrooms, shared and co-working spaces

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