Cloud based
reporting tools
4 powerful 300 watt
UVC Germicidal bulbs
Locking casters
for easy transport

A state of the art, modular disinfection cart

C4UV Disinfection Cart

Disinfect your space more thoroughly with one disinfection cart that turns into four

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C4UV Disinfection Cart

Simplify your disinfection routine with this modular, UV-C disinfection cart. This device can disinfect a 36'x36' room in less than 20 minutes and a 12'x12’ room in as little as 8 minutes. Position in a room or large space for quick and effective air and surface disinfection, while operating from a remote controlled tablet. In addition, intelligent controls allow for usage data to be reported and viewed via the web.

Before the C4UV was introduced to the market, disinfection carts had to be deployed and repositioned several times in one room in order to hit every surface. This cost time and money. With the C4UV Disinfection Cart, you can eradicate harmful pathogens on all surfaces at one time with the unique quadrant system. And don’t worry, with your safety in mind, built-in motion sensors turn off the device for automated safety controls.

Disinfection solutions for safer spaces

Modular quadrants

Breaks into quadrants to eliminate shadowing

Automated safety controls

Built-in sensors and cameras to ensure safety shut-off

Cloud-based reporting

Document your disinfection services and results

Chemical free

No storage or handling of toxic or corrosive chemicals

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Why UV-C?

UV-C is a naturally effective disinfectant generated by the power of the sun. In fact, it’s been a trusted source of disinfection in hospitals for decades. And while harsh cleaning chemicals and manual labor get the job done, they require time, manpower, and no guarantee of thorough disinfection.

UV-C, on the other hand, disinfects anything it comes in contact with, whether in the air or on surfaces. Say goodbye to labor intensive cleaning methods. Instead, create a safer environment with a disinfection solution you can trust.

Industries served

Schools & Universities

Classrooms, shared devices, cafeterias, LGI, restrooms and athletic facilities

Retail Spaces

High traffic areas, checkout lines, aisles, backrooms, and large open spaces

Commercial Properties

High traffic areas, lobbies, public restrooms, shared and co-working spaces

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