One in a Million Air Disinfection

Novair Air Sterilizers

Designed using the most advanced and awarded single pass, clean air technology, Safe Space’s Novair air sterilizers eliminate 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi as well as allergens, irritants, smoke and VOC’s.

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Novair Air Sterilizers

Novair’s precision airflow draws contaminated air away from occupants, then applies world class sterilization and decontamination technology before expelling continuously clean, healthy air throughout the space.

With proven, laboratory tested results, Novair provides best-in-class, real-time indoor air protection for you, your employees, customers, students and guests. Four different form factors are offered to maximize the air flow of any size space. Novair offers quiet yet effective, out-of-the-box air safety, with no complex installation, setup or facility changes necessary.

Novair reduces the duration in which droplets and harmful aerosols are airborne by directly moving them away from the “breathing zone” and introducing new, clean air. This engineered airflow technology has even been proven to reduce surface contamination by 99.81%. The Safe Space Technologies team is ready to help provide your business with an unprecedented level of health and safety for occupants within any indoor environment.

Breathing Zone

It took a global pandemic to finally shine a light on the quality of our indoor air, which was in crisis well before COVID-19 and will remain so long after if left uncared for. The truth is that 91% of the world’s population lives in places where air pollution levels exceed WHO limits. An estimated 3.8 million premature deaths are caused each year by indoor air pollution, with an untold number of us suffering from harm to wellbeing every day — simply as a result of the air we breathe while indoors.

Think about this: on a typical day, a person drinks 3 liters of water per day. It is fair to say that we wouldn't dare drink water that we knew was dirty, impure, and likely to make us sick. Yet we breathe nearly 11,000 liters of air per day with little regard for the quality of that air we breathe and take into our lungs. Indoor air pollutants are increasingly associated with risks to health, wellness, and mental wellbeing. Cross infection of airborne viruses and diseases is up to 19 more times likely indoors than outside!

SST is taking measures to ensure that the indoor air you breathe and continuously share with others is as clean and healthy as possible. By controlling the air flow in any given space, Novair products quickly draw the dirty, toxic and sick air that we exhale away from our shared "breathing zones" while simultaneously supplying clean, healthy air for our lungs.  The products are thoughtfully designed to be operated while people are in the room in order to significantly reduce transmissibility while continuously delivering safe, clean air into our "breathing zones" we so often share with others in public spaces. With innovation and technology, SST is solving indoor air problems and raising the standard of the air we share.  

One In a Million

When we say Novair offers "One In a Million" air disinfection we mean it...literally.  The three stage filtration process combined with the most advanced single-pass UV decontamination technology in each of the Novair products produces clean, healthy fresh air that is 99.9999% free of any kind of contaminants. Why do all those 9s in 99.9999% matter? Think about it like this, with Novair continuously supplying air that is 99.9999% clean, we can essentially reduce aerosol transmissibility to a one in a million chance! Novair products not only filter air through HEPA and Carbon filters but also decontaminates the air through an award winning UV sterilization chamber.  In this chamber, UV light serves as an energy source that doesn't just trap viruses and other completely destroys them in one single-pass! This process is what enables Novair products to deliver industry leading 99.9999% clean air in real-time.

Technical Specs

Coverage (ft²)
H x D x W (in.)
60 x 16 x 22
62 x 12.6 x 12.6
15 x 6.5 x 20.4
12 x 5 x 4.2
Weight (lbs.)
Recommended Uses
Critical enviroments requiring maximum room air exchange
Highly trafficked areas, event spaces, museums, cafeterias, fitness centers
Medical exam rooms, conference rooms, hallways, classrooms
Office desktop, hotel room, checkout counters, and other individual spaces
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Typical Applications


Bring your staff and customers back to your brick and mortar locations safely, while protecting or even elevating your brand


Real time protection for doctors, nurses, patients and visitors from airborne pathogens. Enhance safety measures in waiting rooms, nurse stations and other common areas in hospitals, doctor offices and long term care facilities.


Healthy air for expanding minds. Create safe environments for students, teachers and administrators while reducing absenteeism. Providing an extra layer of security for mask-optional districts.


Provide safe air to all areas of live entertainment venues. Ideal for backstage theater, sports venues, film production, casinos and museums

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